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Google cloud platform has come up with great innovations in the field of web development and storage. It allows you to develop your websites, applications,  data storage on the Google’s infrastructure. With Google cloud platform you can build your websites or applications faster without worrying about the scaling and servers. Google Cloud platform is like a big umbrella that composes of innumerable resources which make the computing, database management, storage and application development processes quite easier. Also Google assures reliability and robustness. The computing workloads are increasing day by day by leaps and bounds and therefore Google has introduced various cloud based services that run on its own infrastructure.

The major features that Google cloud platform offers are:

Google App Engine
Google app engine is a web and app development stack which uses familiar technologies for building and hosting the applications on the Google infrastructure. It offers a powerful and scalable environment for application development & execution.

It enables the developer’s productivity by offering development tools that the developer is familiar with to allow fast building, testing and deployment of the web applications. It also delivers awesome experiences because when your developed app fluctuates in usage and you make the required changes, the Google App engine adjusts the system in such a way that your users do not see any errors. Moreover the infrastructure is tested by Google and is ready for business. Google also uses the same infrastructure to power its own apps as well. Therefore you can completely trust this reliable platform.

Google Cloud Storage
With Google Cloud Storage you can store, manage and access your data on the storage infrastructure powered by Google. With this platform, you can benefit from the efficiency and scale that Google has built efficiently over the years.

It gives quite faster data access as it offers quicker and easier access to the data all over the globe with the data hosting choices in various regions. Also the proven cloud infrastructure from Google provides robust and highly available storage facilities for you mission critical data. The best part is that you get storage and management facilities for unlimited number of objects & data.

This kind of storage facility on the Google’s infrastructure can be applied in  various forms & aspects. Some of the best known use cases include:

  • It can be used for content delivery as with this facility you can serve the content to all your end users with high availability and performance.
  • It can be used for active archiving. You can backup and hastily access the archived data whenever you need it.
  • You can also use this platform for the storage and management of your applications with the help of REST (Representational State Transfer) Application Programming Interfaces.

Google Big Query
With Google big query, you can analyze the real time data through SQL in the cloud in order to derive real time business insights in very short span of time, rather the shortest.  It is a fully managed analysis service for data where you are not required to maintain or install any server of your own. The best feature of this service is that it can be scaled to any level. You can store any amount of data and all you need to pay is for what you use. It is blazingly fast as it runs ad hoc SQL Queries in the shortest span of time on the multi terabyte data sets. Since this comes with the reliability and name of Google, you can have complete peace of mind because Google offers astonishing security and reliability. You data gets automatically replicated across multiple sites and is secured with the help of access control lists.

You can use this service in developing interactive tolls, for business  intelligence dashboards and for trend detection. This service offers significant performance advantages makes large scale data crunching and collection quite possible with very little effort.

Google Compute Engine
With the Google compute engine you can run your computing workloads (large or small scale) on the Linux operating system based virtual machines which are hosted on the Google’s infrastructure. With this service you get access to world class premium quality data centres which provide unmatched performance for all your computing needs and that too with faster speed. The scaling is quite possible with this service and you can easily scale to significant amounts on the infrastructure that is specifically designed for large scale computing. And with all this you also get the cost benefit. This service can be efficiently used for batch and data processing applications like video transcoding & rendering, analyzing huge amounts of data in the cloud. You can also use this service to run grid computing and high performance workloads in the most effectual manner.

Google Cloud SQL
Now you can run MySQL based data bases on the Google’s cloud. Google offers a fully managed service for maintaining and administering your databases so that you can emphasize more on the development of your applications and worry less about the database management. It is a highly reliable and fully managed service which is amazingly easy to use. Your data gets replicated over multiple data centres and you get patch on database management, and you can also move your data in & out of the cloud using familiar MySQL based databases very easily and quickly. This can be regarded as a great innovation in the field of Cloud as well as SQL. The best part is that you get the assurance and reliability of Google, a name that can be trusted completely.

These were few aspects of Google Cloud Platform. Cloud computing has completely changed the way of computing, storage and database management. Therefore, Google is offering various entities that use Google cloud to provide multiple computing facilities to the users. There is a long list of products and services that encompass the Google Cloud Platform but these were few imperative aspects that are becoming increasingly popular.

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